Interaction Associates Australasia

For nearly 50 years Interaction Associates has been a leading innovator in the areas of leadership development, teams, innovation, collaboration, trust and change management. From Boston to Belfast, San Francisco to Santiago, we have helped people tap into the power of participation and collaboration and achieve a new, powerful measure of success – Return on Involvement. Keystone is Interaction Associates partner in this region.

Together, we are Interaction Associates Australasia.

We offer public workshops and internal programs in region from the full IA suite, as well as customised programs designed to leverage our global expertise and experience, yet deliver bespoke solutions.


Developing leaders is more than a one-time event – and how you measure success is critical. Leaders need to drive business results, but results aren’t sustainable if the processes and relationships required to achieve them are broken. Our leadership development programs focus on all three.


Effective collaboration requires a model of leadership that differs from the classic ‘command and control’. Leaders who excel at collaboration have a certain mindset and a robust skill set for engaging people in solving problems collaboratively. Interaction Associates helps clients shape both.


Interaction Associates understands the challenges in building lasting agreements among stakeholders and across teams. We provide expert, results focussed facilitation services that build alignment, commitment to action and ownership of results. We use our skills and techniques to create a collaborative meeting environment that fosters teamwork and delivers results.

Leadership, Learning and Development

Public/Internal Workshops

Since our launch in 1997, Keystone has, upon request or a part of projects or programs, created and delivered leadership, learning and development workshops for our clients. Since 2011, this suite of activities has expanded to include the proven methodologies and models of Interaction Associates as Keystone represents and delivers this work as Interaction Associates Australasia. Workshops are now offered to the public (on demand) as well as in response to the strategic needs of Keystone/IA clients.


Keystone/Interaction Associates Australasia is currently working with global bio-medical company Sirtex in the design and delivery of Growing with SirtexGrowing with Sirtex is a series of integrated streams of activity which will methodically build a team of highly skilled and capable individuals who will continue to develop with Sirtex, enabling the continued growth of the business. As well as leadership, learning and development strategy and services, this program encompasses all of Keystone’s other core offerings. As well as leadership, learning and development strategy and services, this program encompasses all of Keystone’s other core offerings.

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