We have had the rare privilege of:

  • Serving multiple clients in the same sector; and
  • Serving multiple clients facing similar problems across different sectors.

This, and our years of experience allows us to work with our clients to both recognise the common attributes of effective solutions while respecting the individual challenges at hand.

Multidisciplinary Consultancy

Front end analysis, visionary and strategic thinking and comprehensive experience make Keystone uniquely qualified to support businesses undergoing change. We focus on actually learning about you, your needs and wants, rather than relying on a toolbox. While our experience is our greatest asset, every client offers us exciting challenges.

Strategy and Change Management

For many of our clients, they find that our practical, analytical and ‘plain English’ approach to strategy allows them to implement their business goals in achievable, effective and measurable ways. Our approach to strategy reflects our belief that strong brands are built from the inside out and based on a defined positioning and clean internal and external communications.

Once the positioning of an organisation is clearly defined, we work with in-house and external creative communications teams to articulate the strategy for the brand and its expression in all aspects of the organisation – from design of logo and interiors, to product and service delivery.

Implementation Services

We are seasoned facilitators and business advisors. We assist clients with their toughest challenges, including problem solving and decision making, conflict and critical issue resolution, team building, strategic and operational planning, partnering, organisation collaboration, leadership transitions and implementation planning and review. In partnership with Interaction Associates we deliver bespoke learning and development programs for leaders, managers, teams and project groups.

Learn more about how we can help you with this PDF infographic.

Nothing is permanent except change.